Facts about logic and thinking

We all like to learn interesting facts about ourselves. What we still do not understand is the work of our subconscious. This is not an imaginary concept. This is an integral part of us. In fact, there is more information in our subconscious than in our consciousness. Its task is to store, organize and interpret data from the prevailing opinions, informs Ukr.Media.
So, let’s find out together some interesting facts.
30% of the time your mind just wanders. You may not realize it, but your mind is really wandering, even if you don’t want to. Many of us like to think that we are in complete control of ourselves, but if this were true, there would be no certain emotions, especially negative ones, which tend to depress us more than we can imagine. However, the positive can come when we do not expect it.
We don’t have complete control over ourselves, but it’s not so bad. While one part of your brain pays attention to what you have to do, there is another part that is occupied with something else that causes you to have special thoughts that linger deep in the brain. Sometimes these unconscious thoughts consist of ideas you didn’t even know existed, or generate plans and solutions to problems. Let your mind wander!
You spend more money when you don’t see or talk about them
Statistics say that those who have a plastic card spend 20-30% more. The bottom line is that a person who has a card buys more because he does not feel money. Therefore, they are not sorry. When we see bills or talk about them, it causes concern about costs. Cash seems to be an exhaustive resource, and everyone is trying to save it.
The first on the list is always the best
Whether it’s a voting booth, a Google search page, or a dessert menu, the former is always the best. Accept it without much thought, because that’s how your mind works.
Stress deprives you of quality work
Obviously, stress interferes with work and prevents it from being performed in full force. And it does so in ways you may not realize. It casts doubt on even the right decisions, and confuses your thinking. Therefore, do not underestimate the impact of stress on your life.
You like small pieces of information
The brain is able to digest only a small part of the information, and everything else will be lost. If you get less, your mind will strive for more. The brain likes to learn and learn things, but in small portions – no more than two or three at a time. It is just as prone to information overload as a computer.
An outdated way of thinking hangs over you
We like to think that we are changing and changing preferences, but in reality, this is not the case. Part of us reaches out to the old because of the attachments of our brain.
Regardless of intuition, it is the mood that influences whether you trust or not
We often talk about intuition and say we are ready to follow it, but this is not always the case. When you go shopping, it is your mood that will determine your purchase. If it is good, you will trust your intuition, if not, you will analyze and ask many questions before you buy something.
Unfortunately, you are not multitasking
Yes, you can portray multitasking at work or at home, but if you think you’re doing great, you’re wrong. Multitasking is not a good idea, especially when tasks are important and require your close attention. You may miss important pieces of information, or perform tasks poorly.
Your subconscious knows more than you do
Your subconscious brain perceives everything you do not concentrate on. When you walk down the street without concentrating on anything, your mind subconsciously registers people, objects and places. Your subconscious mind thinks more than your consciousness, you just are not tuned to it.
Everything you see in your dreams, you experienced at some point in your life
Sometimes you dream of strangers or places, but in fact, it may have already been recorded by your subconscious. The brain cannot create people unknown to you, so the people you dream of are those you may have already seen, consciously or unconsciously. It could be a cashier at a grocery store or some random man you met on the street but didn’t notice.

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