The Main Issues

  • every college has a colloquium on the dissertation.
  • colloquium is the Verte defense of the thesis in the colloquiumYou have after months of writing, finally, the thesis done and keep the bound copy in custom essay writing help his hands. Actually a reason to celebrate – were it not for the defense. But what is a colloquium at all? It’s simple: you are presenting your work again before the examiners. Followed by a Talk , in which you answer questions. With oral presentations, there’s always a bit tricky, so the excitement is great for many students. Wrongly: Finally, you have become a true professional in your area through the long writing process. We explain what you have to expect and how mastering the colloquium.

    Why the thesis needs a defense?

In the world of science, it is common for the finished work after the long research time “defend” them. Where “defend the thesis” means that you convince the examiners, treat that Bachelorarbeits theme and issue an interesting problem, and you have the learned knowledge in the study used skillfully. First and foremost it is therefore at the colloquium to the presentation of your work. Then your most important theses are discussed. In addition, You must be prepared that you will be provided to content, method and results questions. Most of the defense is graded. On the Note your thesis But this changes Nothing . You can neither improve it with the colloquium worsen

What is a seminar?

  • The term “Colloquium” comes from Latin and means “conversation”. This does not mean that this is a friendly chat over coffee and cake: Rather, a takes place conversation among experts . Under colloquium is meant above all the defense of a thesis. The term is, however, also used in science elsewhere. The regular group meetings of students or graduate students with the auditor to discuss the current status of their thesis, also called Colloquium.

    The colloquium of the thesis is part of the examination

    In most examination regulations stipulates that the colloquium is part of the examination. This means in the event that you can not complete your studies if you do not visit the colloquium. So do not you come around it to defend your thesis. In most cases, there is a note for the defense, which flows into the overall grade of your statements.

    How does the colloquium of the thesis from?

    The colloquium consists of a presentation part and a subsequent discussion. In general, the defense of the thesis lasts no longer than one hour.

    Frequently Asked Questions in the Bachelor Colloquium

    Especially before the issues of the Audit Committee, many students fear. Mostly it starts with simple inquiries so you’re getting warm. The difficult questions come at the end. Especially with the tricky Affairs You can shine and get a good score you. Typical questions of the auditor are:

    • often use the term. (Core concept of your work). Could you define it in more detail? “
    • have noted in the report that we. In your work miss (criticism). What can you say to this criticism? “
    • have to theories. and . resorted. Why did not the theory of. used? “

    The presentation of the thesis

    During the presentation you stand in relation to the audit committee. The aim here is to present your main findings and explain why did you just dealt with this issue.

    Checklist Colloquium & Presentations

    To be fit for the colloquium and your presentation

    , can you take the following checklist to help we elaborate below even further:

    • have the presentation so well practiced that you can speak freely.
    • have the time stopped and lie with your presentation at a maximum of 20 minutes.
    • of technology, space and Co. you have discussed with the auditor.
    • presentation includes your main theses.
    • go to all the major theories and concepts one.
    • a good transition to discussion.

    Colloquium: Tips for the defense of the thesis

  • Before Bachelor’s defense push panic? Absolutely unnecessary! The colloquium is not writingbee so bad. To ensure that everything goes smoothly across the stage, we have some tips for you, which you leave a lasting impression on the examiners:

    You’re the expert prepare Be

    On defense, we will examine only you – so it depends on your optimal preparation . The delivery of your work is already something in return. Read it before you by several times. Look at all the theories, which may be relevant to your question beyond. Like to ask the examiner at the end bonus questions to test how far your skills. Your presentation you can you write before stichpunktartig to practice them.


  • Take care in advance to all the conditions like technology, time and space Unspecified so that you do not throw unnecessary difficulties at the beginning of the defense off track. Ask the inspector if you must use a PowerPoint presentation, or should, and if so, pinto advance if the projector is compatible with your laptop. For emergencies, you can bring in addition to a USB flash drive presentation. If your computer should strike, you might be, the assessor device.

    Practice, practice, practice

    Even if you have often read out the presentation, you should more occasions repeat them too. Imitate the exam situation at home by fellow students or friends you present your lecture. So you come in the defense does not guarantee a halt.

    Schedule and time management

    “more is better”? Not here, because the passing of time can spoil the note your defense. Therefore you should also stopwatch train while practicing the presentation. Unless otherwise requested, your presentation should take no more than 20 minutes.